Lykapack has a long-standing commitment to sustainability in manufacturing and care for our environment, investing to minimize energy and resource consumption and waste generated in our plastic injection moulding processes and facilities.


Lykapack operates from two factory locations at Akanad, a picturesque village close to the Cochin International Airport. Spread over an area of 10 acre, the factory is intelligently planned with its well laid out machinery and ancillaries. Safety and hygiene are of utmost importance thus rendering a clean, safe and comfortable working environment. The critical areas on the production floor are epoxy coated to safeguard it from any dust or pest.


Working 24/7; the moulding floor at Lykapack houses 13 state-of-the-art injection moulding machines. Each of these machines has a capacity ranging between 50 T to 160 T and 100 gm shot size to 250 gm shot size. Meeting the pre-requisite of the packaging industry; many of these machines comprise of accumulator assisted injection units enabling very thin walled moulding. The high quality moulds work at a speed of an article at every two seconds, facilitating timely supply despite large volume requirements. The precision and the consistency of the product quality are ensured by working in a controlled environment. Lykapack’s production area is spread around 3200 sq. m.


We entered into IML in 2012, which was way before the market started accepting it. We saw it as the future back then. Now we have 3 IML robots running efficiently, making beautiful products for the biggest brands. We have essentially mastered this process in a short span of time and more IML robots are soon to join our existing fleet.


Lykapack is equipped with three dry offset printing machines. These machines are fully automated warranting superior quality print at reasonable cost. These high speed machines can print up to eight colours on round containers sizing up to 125mm diameter. Special pad printers are used for printing on lids and caps.


Design and fabrication of mould is probably the most important part of the business and the first step towards that perfect packaging material. We have our own tool room for making moulds as per customer demands. We have dedicated software for product designing. Our tool room is equipped with CNC machines and skilled manpower. All you have to do is to give us that desired design of your container and we will give you the final moulded product in the required quantities with the kind of decorations you prefer on it, whether it is printing or IML or plain containers in beautiful colours.


Lyka Packaging Pvt. Ltd. is committed to meet customers stated and implied needs by offering products at right quality at right time at competitive price through continuous improvement of all its process. That is the self-imposed Quality Policy that each member of Lykapack stands by. Lykapack is certified for ISO. The ISO system has been continuously revised and all the benchmarks thus set are diligently followed by every team member. Continuous training, practical experience and careful operations by staff members enable delivery of best results every time.


It was in 2015 that we seriously started depending on robotics for most of our activities. We are so concerned that the products coming out of our factories are 100% contamination free, which is the fundamental reason why we rely on robotics. Now robots are widely used in our production activities. We use them in IML, cutlery packaging, product collection from machines and various other aspects. We are exploring zones where we can deploy robots as much as we can, so that human intervention is reduced to the minimum.